Talenthoney is an innovative career-matching software application, engineered by a transformative business model, proprietary technology and some of the brightest people on the planet.

At Talenthoney, we are truly revolutionizing the way career seekers and companies alike, search for, create, and establish long-lasting and fulfilling professional careers and relationships. We're uniquely positioned to challenge the outdated methods of career search and talent acquisition.

We have changed the rules of career search and talent recruitment… forever! The old ways of using online job boards are over. Talenthoney is the first, and only global online career-matching and talent recruitment platform of its kind. Talenthoney’s unique methodology and assessments focuses on the candidates, and the companies, culture, core values, personality traits, business skills, and social traits to create the best possible match for career seekers and hiring companies.

Talenthoney works with top employers across various industry verticals, providing job distribution, candidate sourcing, workflow, data and analytics in one pre-hire platform. Talenthoney provides the best recruitment and career search platform in the industry. Talenthoney LLC is a privately owned company based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, USA.


To provide career seekers and hiring companies with the world’s finest career-matching software, creating long-term career and employee satisfaction.